PROGLOSS PREMIUMProgloss Premium is a durable, high gloss, high solids, hard wearing, and low maintenance acrylic polish designed for use in both high wear and low maintenance areas. The unique ingredients ensure that the ultra-high gloss attained, shines through the wear, maintaining the high overall appearance.PREPARATION: PROGLOSS PREMIUM is specifically designed for Terrazzo, Vinyl, Linoleum Asbestos Marble, Finished concrete and sealed wooden floors. Clean surface of area to be polished thoroughly,“TRIPLE” is recommended for the removal of oil, grease and grime on newly laid substrates. For the removal of built-up floor finishes, “PROTAIN SPEED STRIP” is recommended. Rinse substrate to remove any traces of cleaners and let dry thoroughly. Improper preparation of substrate may result in peeling or flaking of the coating.
APPLICATION: On a clean & dry surface mop PROGLOSS PREMIUM with a clean mop. Apply polish in thin even coats, allow each coat to dry fully before applying a second. Avoid over application of polish. A sealant such as“PROSEAL” should be applied before polishing with PROGLOSS PREMIUM to give maximum effect.
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PROSEALProSeal is an Acrylic Polymer Floor Sealer, designed especially for use on almost all types of floors, including terrazzo, marble, tiles and concrete.

Its exceptional toughness and non-yellowing characteristics make it unique. Proseal has been formulated to make it less sensitive to most strippers, thus allowing Floor Finishes (Polishes), placed over it to be stripped off without affecting the sealer.
Proseal can be applied over newly laid or existing concrete, terrazzo, marble floors. Floor must be cleaned with light Neutral Cleaner to remove any dust that would prevent sealer from bonding to surface. For
existing floors, if any previous treatments have been applied, these must be stripped
can be used .The floor must be cleaned of all chemicals and allowed to dry.
Proseal must be used directly as supplied in accordance with normal janitorial Proseal
PROSEAL must be used directly as supplied in accordance with normal janitorial practices. Proseal can be used diluted only as a maintenance measure in the final mop water, one (1) cup Proseal to one (1) gallon water.
For high traffic areas use of PROGLOSS PREMIUM is recommended as an appropriate finish.
For daily-maintained floors, PROGLOSS
REWARD should be used and PROBUFF 123 as a buffing agent.
PROTAIN NC neutral floor cleaner should be used to clean floors on a regular basis as this product would not strip off the floor finishes.
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QUARRY GLAZEQUARRY GLAZE is a urethane modified acrylic emulsion and sealer for clay pavers and porous quarry tiles, specially formulated with a blend of polymers designed to give optimum performance under the most demanding conditions.

QUARRY GLAZE is hard-wearing and resistant to ultra violet damage, and will not yellow, crack or peel when applied correctly.

QUARRY GLAZE is also ideal for use as a sealer and polish for use on Terrazzo and concrete surfaces.
PREPARATION: Like all coatings, the preparation is the most important part of application. The substrate must be totally clean and free from all traces of oils, grease, lards, diesel fuel, dirt, dust, cement droppings etc,. To remove traces of hardened cement, efflorescence the use of SCL “QUARRY CLEAN”, and to clean the floor of other contaminants we recommend the use of SCL “TRIPLE”. The substrate must be rinsed thoroughly after cleaning to remove all traces of the cleaning compounds or their residues. Improper preparation will affect the bond and may result in peeling or flaking of the coating.
APPLICATION: On to the clean & dry surface mop QUARRY GLAZE using a clean but used mop. ( New mops drop strings) Apply QUARRY GLAZE in thin even strokes, each one overlapping the former. Several thin coats are required allowing each to dry completely before application of another. Avoid over application or ponding of QUARRY GLAZE MAINTENANCE: In order to keep it’s look for as long as possible regular mopping with water or water with a mild detergent is all that is required. Do not use Harsh detergents or strippers as this will damage the coating. QUARRY GLAZE can be removed with SCL “SPEED STRIPPER”.
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SUPERSEAL B66SUPER SEAL B66 is a solvent based acrylic curing and sealing treatment for new or existing concrete, which provides a dustproof finish. Used on interior and exterior surfaces, giving an easy to clean area as well as being resistant to penetration of most oils and liquids. Provides excellent adhesion and cures to a hard wearing surface. SUPER SEAL B66 is ideal for Warehouse, Garages, Industrial areas, Car park, Facing stones and similar areasSuperseal B66 Technical Data
TOP GUARDTOP GUARD is a low-maintenance, super-high gloss, slip-resistant Floor Treatment which eliminates burnishing dust and frequent stripping of acrylic floor surfaces. The use of TOP GUARD eliminates all other floor care products. There is no need for all-purpose cleaners, de-greasers or strippers… ever! You will no longer need spray buffs or burnishing agents. Only one buffing pad is used with any ultra-high-speed machine. Regular high speed buffing with TOP GUARD produces a barrier that insulates the floor from the floor pad. The result is a floor finish, which is 20 to 30 times more durable, cleaner, brighter and safer than ever before. TOP GUARD is recommended for use in all high-traffic retail and commercial environments.For best results, TOP GUARD should be damp mopped on, after thoroughly stripping the floor with SCL SUPER STRIP and after re-coating with 2-3 coats of SCL’s ProSeal, ProGloss Premium, One-Step, or your favourite floor finish. TOP GUARD can also be applied directly over your current floor finish or acrylic sealer. Directions After a wait of one night (24 hours) following the initial application of your initial floor finish treatment, apply TOP GUARD by damp-mopping at a dilution rate of 3 ounces per gallon of clean water. Allow to dry, then buff with SCL’s Microtron™ PL Beige Poly Thermal floor pad and any ultra-high-speed machine (1500 RPM or higher). On the Second and Third night, follow the same procedure. Beginning on the Fourth night, dilute TOP GUARD at a rate of 2 ounces to one gallon of clean water (never more). Floors should now have that mirror gloss and show excellent slip-resistance. Maximum gloss will be achieved at the one-week mark and your floor should stay this way, given regular TOP GUARD maintenance. You should never need to strip again. Spray Buffing Need a quick fix to a worn or badly scratched area? Simply mix 2-3 ounces in a spray bottle and burnish away your problems.Top Guard Technical Data
SCL ONE-STEPSCL One Step is an economical, durable, high-gloss and convenient “all in one” sealer and polish system for vinyl, terrazzo, linoleum, unglazed ceramic tiles, concrete tiles etc.Clean surface thoroughly using SCL’S PROTAIN NC. If there is a residue of polish on the surface, strip away all polish using SCL’S SPEED STRIP. NB: Improper cleaning can result in peeling/flaking of polish.
Add SCL ONE-STEP to a clean bucket and using a new, damp mop, apply thin coats to the floor. Allow each coat to dry for 15 – 20 minutes before applying a second coat. We recommend that you use three (3) coats; however this may vary depending on the porosity and condition of your floor surface.
Wash mop with water
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