ID-411Versatile and economic product that is ideal for cutting food grease and rinses off completely. Its special formula contains non-streaking agents, lanolin and surfactants that are effective yet gentle on your hands, as well as a premium grade anti-bacterial agent to protect against bacterial infections.ID-411 can be used at full strength, or diluted up to 20:1 with clean water, depending upon requirementsID-411 Technical Data

PROTAIN CS-919PROTAIN CS-919 is a fast drying Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, specially formulated for use in modern equipment as a carpet shampoo.

Carefully formulated with specific materials that produce dirt-lifting foam immediately, during and after agitation whilst other materials ensure total breakdown of the foam, when the dirty solution is being vacuumed.

Special brightening agents will make colours sparkle and even brand new carpets can’t shrink when the solution is used as directed.

In addition, special soil resistant chemicals “seal” clean fibres to resist re-soiling.
Mix solution of one part PROTAIN CS919 to eight parts of water and use as specified by the appropriate equipment manufacturers. Spot clean heavy soils, stains and chewing gum. Shampoo carpet using only enough solution to produce a light foaming action. DO NOT OVER-WET CARPET. After agitation with the machine, vacuum all treated areas with a wet vacuum. Allow to dry thoroughly before replacement of furniture. Treated areas will dry in 3 - 4 hours.Protain CS-919 Technical Data