RUSTAWAYRustaway is a blend of specially selected acids, surfactants and corrosion inhibitors. It is ideal for use where rusted objects are to be cleaned free of rust and prepared for painting or priming. RUSTAWAY efficiently dissolves rust and provides an etched surface, which guarantees improved paint adhesion.Remove all loose flaking rust and dirt from the surface and apply a generous application of Rustaway over the area to be treated.
This should be left to react depending on the severity of the rust build up. Generally up to 20 minutes. Extremely heavy deposits may require a second application. If area treated is not to be painted but a rust resistant surface is desired, simply wipe off any surplus Rustaway and leave to dry. If the surface is to be painted, best results are obtained by rinsing off all Rustaway residue and allowing the surface to dry thoroughly before painting.
Rustaway Technical Data

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