TNEMEC Overview

TNEMEC Company has a reputation in the construction industry for reliable, high-performance coatings backed by unequalled technical support. But just saying you have a good reputation is easy. Actually earning it takes time and effort. Markets served include water and wastewater processing, water storage tank, architectural, industrial and processing and manufacturing.

Water & Wastewater Processing

The steel and concrete surfaces in potable water and waste-water treatment plants must withstand plenty of abuse. That’s why TNEMEC has developed high-performance coatings that defend treatment facilities against corrosion. Collection systems, digesters, clarifiers, head works and secondary containment units are just a few of the applications ideal for TNEMEC’s high-performance and durability. And for potable water contact surfaces, TNEMEC offers NSF Std. 61-certified coatings that protect consumer safety in addition to facility integrity.

Water Storage Tank

Of the more than one million water storage tanks in America, three of every four are protected by TNEMEC coatings. Tanks face a number of adverse conditions, including violent weather, temperatures wings and constant immersion. That’s why tank owners, engineers, fabricators and painting contractors trust TNEMEC’s nearly 40 years of water tank experience to deliver coating systems known for high performance and lasting durability.


TNEMEC offers a complete line of interior and exterior coating solutions for protection from corrosion, impact, abrasion and graffiti, all while beautifying and preserving architectural designs for years to come. Also available from TNEMEC is the StrataShield line of floor and wall coatings, as well as the Chemprobe line of water repellents and stains for exterior applications. Schools, hospitals, correctional facilities, commercial businesses, parking garages and sports facilities are just a few of the many structures for which TNEMEC products provide high-performance protection and exceptional life-cycle value.


TNEMEC offers a broad spectrum of coatings for everything from petrochemical processing to power generation and pulp and paper mills. No matter what the conditions of the environment, TNEMEC has the expertise and technology to protect your structure against corrosion, abrasion, weathering and chemical abuse.

Processing & Manufacturing

When customers depend on you for finished goods, count on long-lasting TNEMEC coatings to help protect your factory operation. For exterior applications, the Chemprobe line of products keeps structures protected and looking great for years. TNEMEC’s StrataShield line features lasting floor and wall coatings that cure fast and are low odour, which limits facility downtime during installation. And with help from a TNEMEC coatings consultant, your facility can enjoy the benefits of a custom-selected Micro-Clean System for seamless floor to ceiling coverage, enabling easy clean–up and minimized maintenance.


CRU Clear Series 295View
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Endura-Shield Series 73Aliphatic Acrylic Polyurethane. A coating highly resistant to abrasion, wet conditions, corrosive fumes, chemical contact and exterior weathering. High build quality combines with project specific primers for two-coat, labour saving systems.Metal /Concrete
Hi-build Epoxoline Series 66Hi-build Epoxoline Series 66 is a polyamide epoxy. Industry standard for epoxy coatings for over 30 years. Known for its forgiving application characteristics in adverse and varied conditions, and for benchmark performance.Metal /Concrete