Protective Coatings Overview

SCL provides a wide range of protective coatings for commercial, industrial and residential applications. These can be applied to various substrates including masonry, steel, concrete, aluminium etc. and utilised as a preparation for final finishing by painting, polishing or glazing.

Dekguard ClearA protective & weather-resistant system designed to protect new and existing concrete and masonry structures from attack by water, chlorides, sulphates, carbon dioxide and other acidic gases. It can be used on a wide variety of structures and buildings, including car parks, commercial and industrial buildings, underpasses and bridges.Concrete25 litre drumsDekguard Clear Technical Data
Dekguard ElasticTo protect atmospherically exposed reinforced concrete structures from attack by acid gases, chloride ions, oxygen and water, especially where there is a danger of subsequent cracks appearing within the substrate.Concrete15 litre drumsDekguard Elastic Technical Data
Dekguard SDEKGUARD S is an aliphatic acrylic coating, designed to protect atmospherically exposed concrete structures.Concrete15 litre drumsDekguard S Technical Data
GalvafroidTo provide a galvanic protection on iron and steel. It can be used as a self-finish or as a durable rust inhibiting primer beneath selected top coats.MetalPack of 6 x 200 ml tins Pack of 6 x 400 ml tins Pack of 6 x 800 ml tins 1.9 litre tin Yields 16 m² used as a primer. 8 m² used as a self-finish.Galvafroid Technical Data
Nitocote SN 502NITOCOTE SN 502 is designed to protect atmospherically exposed reinforced concrete structures from attack by chloride ions and water intrusion.Concrete / Masonry Water RepellantNitocote SN502 Technical Data
Nitocote SN 522To provide a water repellent surface with improved self-cleaning properties on exterior surfaces. Suitable for concrete, cement rendering, brickwork, natural or cast stone. Assists in eliminating or reducing efflorescence due to the leaching of soluble salts.Concrete / Masonry Water Repellant25 litre pails and 200 litre drums. 4.5 to 9.0 sq.m/litre depending on the porosity of the substrate.Nitocote SN522 Technical Data