Mechanical Anchors Overview

Our high performing range of steel mechanical expansion and screw anchors is designed for simple, effective and reliable use in brickwork, blockwork, stone, standard and reinforced concrete and general masonry substrates and are equally at home fixing simple battens and timber structures, to anchoring heavy duty racking, steel fabrications, structural steelwork and heavy plant and machinery.

The following anchors comprise the most popular selection from our range, our sales and technical departments are always available to handle any enquiries outside our standard range along with any technical support required for anchor selection or installation advice.

Titen HDThe Titen HD is a patented, high-strength screw anchor for concrete and masonry. The self-undercutting, non-expansion characteristics of the Titen HD makes it the ideal anchor for
structural applications, even at minimum edge distances and under reduced spacing conditions
Titen HD Technical Data
Drop In AnchorDrop-in anchors are internally threaded deformation controlled expansion anchors with a preassembled expander plug, suitable for flush mount applications in solid base materials.Drop In Anchor Technical Data
Nailon Pin Drive AnchorNylon and Zinc Nailons are low cost anchors for light duty applications under static loads.Nailon Pin Drive Technical Data
Sleeve AllSleeve-Alls are pre-assembled expanding sleeve anchors for use in all types of hollow and solid base materials. These anchors are available in acorn, hex, rod coupler, flat or round head styles for a wide range of applications.Sleeve All Technical Data
Spring Wing Toggle BoltThe Spring Wing Toggle Bolt is designed for installation in hollow wall construction consisting of such base materials as gypsum wallboard and ungrouted concrete masonry units.Spring Wing Toggle Bolt Technical Data
Titen Concrete and Masonry ScrewTiten screws are 3/16″ and 1/4″ diameter masonry screws for attaching all types of components to concrete and masonry. Available in hex and phillips head designs in three colors.
Wedge-All AnchorThe Wedge-All is a non-bottom bearing, wedge style expansion anchor for use in solid concrete or grout filled masonry.Wedge All Anchor Technical Data