Crack Repair Overview

Crack injection is a proven method to repair cracks in concrete. Unfortunately, it can be expensive and time consuming to acquire the right equipment and get it working properly. Simplification of the crack injection process and increased reliability were the goals behind development of Simpson Strong-Tie’s new Crack Repair Epoxy Systems.

Simpson ETI-LVSimpson Strong-Tie’s ETI Injection Epoxies are specially designed formulations for the injection of cracks in concrete. ETI epoxies are two-component, 1:1 ratio, and 100% epoxy solids formulations. They are available in 22 ounce side-by-side cartridges and are dispensed through a static mixing nozzle using a manual or pneumatic dispensing tool.Low ViscositySimpson ETI-LV Technical Data
Simpson Crack Pac Flex H20Simpson Crack Pac Flex 2O is a single component hydrophobic polyurethane injection resin designed to seal leaking cracks, voids or fractures in concrete or solid masonry. The polyurethane is packaged in the cartridge and an accelerator is packaged in the nozzle.Low ViscositySee data sheet for complete instructions. For sealing and leaking cracks.Simpson Crack Pac Technical Data
Conbextra EP 10Conbextra EP are epoxy resin based products designed for free-flow grouting of gap thickness from 0.25 to 120 mm. Two grades of products are available. Conbextra EP 10 for grouting thickness from 0.25 to 10 mm. An all liquid system consisting of a base and hardenerLow ViscosityTwo part material. 1.5 litres per pack. 2 packs per case.Conbextra EP-10 Technical Data