Cementitious Waterproofing

Cementitious waterproofing utilizes heavy cement-based compounds and various additives that are mixed and packaged for use in a dry form; the packaged mixture is then mixed with water and liquid bonding agents to a workable concrete-like consistency, which is then applied to the surface to create a waterproof barrier.

IntegraINTEGRA is an economical cementitious coating system for waterproofing concrete against positive and negative hydrostatic heads of water.CrystalineSee data sheet for complete information.Integra Technical Data
Nitocote CM-210NITOCOTE CM-210 is a two-part, polymer modified cementitious coating that has been especially developed for use as an internal coating for waterproof potable water retaining structures.Membrane3.6 kg/m²Nitocote CM210 Technical Data