Cementitious Mortars Overview

Cementitious Mortars are supplied as a ready to use blend of dry powders which requires only the site addition of clean water to produce a highly consistent, medium-weight repair mortar for general purpose use. The material is based on Portland cement, graded aggregates, special fillers and chemical additives to provide a mortar with good handling characteristics, while minimising water demand.

The product exhibits excellent thermal compatibility with concrete and good water repellent properties. The low water requirement ensures fast strength gain and long-term durability.

RENDEROC GPRenderoc GP is a shrinkage compensated dry blended mix of special cements and aggregates. Designed as a general purpose grade, RENDEROC GP can be applied by trowel, or by wet or dry spray process. Applied thickness from 10 mm to 30 mm vertically and up to 20 mm thick in overhead applications. Highly efficient barrier properties, such as resistance to ingress of chloride ions, carbon dioxide and water.25.0 kg bags, yielding 16.0 litres Renderoc GP TDS 2021
RENDEROC HBRenderoc HB is a fibre-reinforced material which is used to repair damaged and deteriorated concrete. Shrinkage compensated and lightweight with significant barrier properties, RENDEROC HB can be applied by trowel or wet spray process in a thickness of 80 mm vertically or 50 mm overhead in a single application without supporting framework.25.0 kg bags, yielding 15.75 litres per bagRenderoc HB40 TDS.2021
RENDEROC LARenderoc LA is used for the reinstatement of damaged, defective or deteriorated concrete by partial or total replacement.
Dual shrinkage compensation offsets shrinkage in both the plastic and hardened states. Its fluid nature ensures total compaction and void filling without vibration. High strengths, low permeability and unique admixtures ensure long-term service with exceptional barrier properties.
25.0 kg bags, yielding 12 litres per bagRenderoc LA TDS 2021
RENDEROC PLUGFor patching, plugging, caulking, joint filling, pointing and waterproofing of concrete segments, concrete and brick tunnels, sewage systems, pipes, basements, wells, foundations, etc.6.0 kg bucket, yielding 3.0 litres or 1.5 kg bucket, yielding 0.75 litres Renderoc Plug. 2020
RENDEROC RSRenderoc RS is a blend of dry powders and graded aggregates which requires only the site addition of clean water to produce a highly consistent, high strength, free flowing repair concrete which self-compacts. The material can be used internally or externally and is particularly suitable for repairs to airport runways and aprons or any area where wheeled traffic requires fast return to service.Supplied in 20 kg bags, yielding approximately 10 litres per bag Renderoc-RSXtra (2)
RENDEROC SFor the reinstatement of large areas of concrete and for small, localised patch repairs. Renderoc S can also be used in combination with Nitobond EP bonding agent for trafficked repairs. Renderoc S is alkaline in nature and will protect embedded steel reinforcement. It is specifically designed for locations where good abrasion resistance is necessary.25 kg bags, yielding approx. 12.0 litres per bag (1.2 m 2 at 10 mm thickness)Renderoc S TDS. 2021