Conplast WP402

Conplast WP402 is designed for use as an integral water resisting admixture for ready mixed concrete. It is based on a unique blend of fatty acid salts and hydrophobic materials, supplied as a white chloride-free liquid.

Conplast X421

Conplast X421 is a formulated blend of inorganic plasticisers. It is supplied as a red coloured liquid instantly dispersible in water. When added to concrete mixes it acts as a powerful dispersing agent enabling the water content to perform more efficiently, by causing the cement particles, which tend to agglomerate, to disperse and expose a larger surface area.

The hydration reaction can proceed more efficiently with less water. The use of Conplast X421 will promote water reductions of 10% or more giving a denser concrete of significantly reduced permeability.

Conplast X421 Technical Data