Concrete is a versatile substance that has been used for centuries in a wide range of construction projects. SCL (Trinidad) Ltd. manufactures and supplies over ninety percent of Pre-Mix concrete operations within Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean region with concrete admixtures, microfibers and much more.

Predominantly, SCL (Trinidad) manufactures Retarders, Plasticizers, Super-plasticizers, Water reducers, Water proofing admixtures, Foam additives, Permeability Control Additives and Plastic Fibers.

In 2000, the facilities were upgraded and SCL began offering testing services to the local construction industry.

SCL has three Compression Testing machines capable of stresses up to 1000kN and 2200kN respectively, capable of testing cubes, blocks and cylinders (typically from 2 inch to 6inch).

The machines used are calibrated semi-annually and calibration records are available to customers.

The laboratory is also equipped with storage facilities to maintain customer samples until testing is done. Results are provided within two working days after testing.