SCL in the community

Our dedication to serving the needs of our internal and external communities continues to be a priority for SCL Group of Companies. Hundreds of requests for donations, sponsorship and general assistance are received annually and we are able to facilitate the majority of these in one way or the other, either financially, through product distribution or the volunteerism of staff.

Some of the key projects that SCL was able to achieve over the years were far reaching. The company continues to build relationships with underprivileged families throughout the region.

The schools in the area have benefited from our generosity as we have sort to assist them with various activities throughout the years. We provide books, uniforms and shoes to students to enter school who would otherwise not have had a chance to go to school as education and molding the minds of today’s youth is high on our priority list.

Generally, our corporate social responsibility spans a wide range of areas, finding us assisting with organizations dealing with education, sport, terminal diseases, environmental issues, and humanitarian issues, while supporting fellow corporate citizens and other entities.

Our Quality control department, has also been very active, as they were able to achieve several developmental activities with staff; including CPR and first aid classes, advising of emergency criteria and instructions, education and health and environmental safety training. As we strive to be an energy efficient company, several recycling and environmental awareness initiatives are practiced at SCL including recycling paper in all departments, as well as ways of conserving water.

Going forward, SCL will continue to develop its social responsibility activities with structured projects within the community in partnering with community leaders in their efforts to create a better environment for those in the area through educational, environmental, social, cultural and sporting activities.